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Hi !

Guest Pamperedblaire

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Guest Pamperedblaire



My name is Blaire, I am in my early 20's, and am a DL/LG(Kinda), & I am into women.

I love watching anime, I'm basically a weeb, and am learning to speak Korean! I suck at makeup so I usually never do it xb I am very camera shy, so I don't take pics often at all, of me, unless it's for tumblr ;b

Oh, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia.


My kik is always open, too! kik: PamperedBlaire (Admin let me know if I can't post that on this)


Someone recommended me this site to find a Mommy/Domme, but I would love to also meet new friends!


I do have an Instagram but haven't posted anything yet because it lets Facebook friends find you blah blah, and we don't want that x'D

I have a Tumblr I'm very active on, ih, and I have posted a LOT of pics of me on there!! (And one 4K Photoshoot yeeee)


Hm.. I dunno what else to put here soo.. I'll just attach a of me :3


Ps. I main Hanzo ;)


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