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Hi everyone!

My name is Beauty!

I'm in a non-monogamous relationship (TLDR; we see sex as just fun and do not mind each other being with other people as long as we consent to it and are safe about it. HOWEVER, we only love each other. It is not like polyamory). I am apart of the DDLG and ABDL lifestyle as well as many others, and loving it!


I'm pansexual and I've been apart of the kink community for probably longer than I should have. 

I am currently introducing my boyfriend to DDLG and getting his feet wet so-to-speak.

I'm very excited to learn and grow and get some amazing ideas from all of you!


Feel free to check out my tumblr or fetlife! 


I love dinosaurs, teddy grahams, dragon tales, and winnie the pooh! 

Purple is my favourite colour and dinosaur nuggets with carrots is my favourite dish!

Lets become great friends!I'm also a mermaid  :D


For those wondering, my signature is Elvish for "A star shines upon the hour of our meeting"

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