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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

*looks confused* Um, new little/kitten to this website (/.\*)


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​WASSUP ~^u^~

​Name's Miranda, but Kohai is def one of my favorite nicknames (bonus points if you know what it means)

​I've been into Dd/Lg & Kitten play for about 3 years now. I feel as if I'm still brand new in this community and have much learning to do, which I'm all up for doing. I found this forum/community/website and thought I'd give it a shot. I personally don't know any littles. {sad story warning}: I don't have many frens, and especially people who know I'm in this community. So, like, it'd be pretty rad to find a few friends who'd get how exciting it is to get a new flippin' stuffie (yeah, I'm talking about that new Hello Kitty one) and how anything pink excites me. Oh, and a Daddy would be the bee's knees also. That'd be nice. WOW, I'M RAMBLING. SOMEONE STAHP ME. ~~ anywho, like, letz be frens. pls. *cries, desperately* :^)  

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