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Princess Emily wants a mommy for cuddles


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Hello everyone! I decided to register here because even though im not huuugely into being a little/babygirl, I have realized some part of me regresses at night or when I feel bad and I feel a big need of someone playing mommy's with me and taking me to a mental world where I feel safe.


This is not sexual for me, its about imprinting the feeling of safety in my brain... Id like to know if someone else feels it this way.. :)


Edit: I no now yet vhat my age is because it fuctuates... I have a new bunny teddy... I no lookin fo a yelationship like romantic o sesual, I just vant a seious fiendship, a mommy to tak to at the end of the day vhen thingz go bad or I did something good. I need mommy cuddlez and mommy appoval...

I take care of myzelf but sometimez I need to have a mommy to hep me gow up happy. I didnt have a happy chidhood, zo my ideal mommy wuld be an attachment parentin mommy, maybe two mommiez... and zome little fiends wud be okay too... can zomeone chat bith me? I am new to thiz and no now much... want to be my fiend? And my mommy fiend? :)

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