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Very nervous & new Little...

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Hey everyone ^_^
Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm sortof (?) new to the whole DDLG thing. I say sort of because I've always just considered it as just a fun role play but something clicked the other day. It made me realise that it's never just been about naughty time... I always wanted to continue being my 'little' self even after we were finished in the bedroom but I never understood why. :wacko:
I thought I was a freak. :blush:
What made me realise was just a post on facebook.. someone complaining how they found it gross and perverted if you call your partner Daddy during naughty time... (which I already did... but only ever did during naughty time). Someone commented explaining the mechanics of DDLG and I was like thrown back and spent the next few hours researching with my husband and we couldn't believe how much it related to us.

Things such as:

  • I always feel very vulnerable, shy, & needy... like I need to be nurtured
  • I actually ENJOY feeling vulnerable.. with a desire to utterly submit to my partner with trust & respect
  • I feel like he is fixing all of my broken pieces with love and kindness, he makes me feel like a better person
  • I'm obsessed with unicorns, plushies, bambi, dinosaurs, kids toys, colouring books
  • I've always had a child-like imagination. If anybody tries to say that unicorns aren't real I get legit upset about it... :'(
  • My partner has always called me Babygirl and put me 100% first... before anything or anyone. Yet he also has a dominating side.
  • I feel a huge sense of safety when I'm around him like I never have done before with anybody
  • Roleplaying in the bedroom has always been DDLG related but I've always wanted to remain in that frame of mind even when we arent doing naughty things together
  • I love it when he praises me, even for little things... even the smallest praise makes me blush
  • I enjoy being told off by him - he often makes joke phrases such as 'oh dear, you've been a naughty girl' and we laugh it off together but omg I love it and it just feels right hearing him speak like that
  • My partner enjoys being dominating
  • I'm very spoilt. I like getting my own way and often sweet talk my partner (not in a mean way) into agreeing with what I say hehehe. He often gives into me easily :D
  • I'm very sensitive and cry easily but usually some cuddles and kisses is all I need to feel happy again
  • I've always been comforted by sucking my thumb but I trained myself out of it as I felt it made me weird... but one time I accidentally did it whilst trying to get to sleep in front of my husband and he found it extremely attractive instead of finding it strange or wrong.

+Many more, but the list would go on forever  ^_^ 

ALL of those things have been part of our relationship for years yet we only thought of DDLG as an 'in the bedroom' thing. Its crazy but wow I'm so happy!!! ^____^

 I feel as though theres always been something pulling me toward this and now I've discovered that this is an actual thing that people do outside of the bedroom... like... during every day life... it has made me feel so much happier as a person. :heart: I don't feel weird. My partner is taking on his role as my Daddy amazingly and treating me throughout the day as though I'm his little girl and it makes me feel SO special. He's always made me feel special but it just feels EXTRA special.  :lol:  At the end of each day I'll ask him 'have I been a good girl, daddy?' so it's a consistent thing as well as part of our naughty time.

Anyways I'm sorry for such a long intro post but me and my partner have been on a high and we keep this to ourselves so I'm just super excited to find a place I can share all of this! Hehe ^_^

So I have a question if it's okay to ask... what advice would you give to a new(ish) DDLG couple? Are there any challenges you've faced? How did all of you discover you were a Little/Daddy/Mummy etc?

Thank youuuu so much if you read all of that!

P.S you all seem awesome! I was reading this forum for days now but I was too scared to make an account as I'm a very nervous, anxious person :blush: ... but I decided to go for it as I asked Daddy if he would make an account for himself too... & that gave me the courage :) I also hope this whole post is okay. I did read the rules but if I did anything wrong I'm really sorry! :(

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That would be a LOVE from me if I could Princess but I can't so a 'Like' from Daddy is all you can have, for now... ;)  :wub:


(P.S. I am her RL Daddy everyone, I hope this is okay to post MODS)

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Welcome to u both. My discovery of ddlg was quite similar to yours.

I had been in numerous chat rooms and had women wanting to call me daddy. It felt kind of weird but exciting. To them it was largely a sexual thing and that didn't quite sit right with me. I always felt like there was more to being daddy.


Then I saw someone in a chat mention ddlg loads of ppl became judgemental but I didn't. Like u I did some research and found everything that had been missing.


Why I was excited to be called daddy and I realised that it didn't even have to be sexual if that was what ppl wanted.


Best discovery of my life and I'm glad that u 2 have found it too.I have made some amazing friends here and I'm sure u will too. Good luck

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Thank you! It's an amazing discovery and nothing has ever felt so right. It's feeling completely vulnerable yet so safe at the same time. ^__^
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When I did find out that people were doing the same as me and my ex were doing and that it were a tag for it "ddlg" it kind of put me down because I thought what we felt was very unique. But then I found this forum and I've learnt a lot and helped me to feel that each one has a different perspective on this.
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