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I'm a socially awkward marshmallow...

Guest StrawberryMonsterMix

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Guest StrawberryMonsterMix

I'm a 25 year old, happily chubby Little girl (4-7ish yrs; no diaper play). I'm also pansexual and monogamous. I'm from the Southern region of the United States. I have both general and social anxiety with a dash of depression for, ya know, funsies.


I've been in the dd/lg community for about a year, and I've been exploring and educating myself on bdsm for much longer, but due to a complete lack of experience, I'm definitely a newbie to the scene.


I've only ever had long distance relationships, and frankly, the "Daddies" weren't very good (abusive, neglectful, didn't take Dom role seriously). As I'm not currently in any position to have a DD/lg relationship in-person, I'm taking a break from all of that, and I'm really only here to make friends, right now. Thank you for understanding, and feel free to add me if you want to know more and/or be friends.


Bye! :D

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