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Hello... I'm new here, obviously, and incredibly shy; please be gentle with me. My nickname is Kyou, and my sub name is Mirror. I'm not entirely sure I should be here, as I am trying to find a pet play community and friends, and haven't found one as nice as the community here yet. If it's okay for me to stick around, I'd love to meet some people into similar kinks as myself. 


So, about me, if I'm alright to stay - I am very into pet play, and my animal is a cross of a cat and a rabbit, or cabbit. I love to learn more and talk to people about these kinks, because everyone has a different combination of them that make it exciting.


That all being said, I'm actually kind of shy and very awkward, but I'd love to talk to some new, friendly faces, so please send me a message if you like!

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