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New daddy/master need someone to show me the lay of the land plz halp


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Hey I'm new to this site and I just would like some help on the basics I've never found a place or way to express what I'm into so that's how I ended up here :/ any helpful tips would be much appreciated
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*be yourself and be oen with your little.

*always use a safeword (easy is red/yellow/green light) so you know if what you are doing is okay with them

*keep to your rules and punishments so they know you are serious

*do what is best for them, even if it makes them angry (remember they are a baby and don't always know best)

*love them no matter what

*SEX S NOT MANDATORY. if they are not comfortable do not force them

*you may own them but they still have a say in anything that happens.

*and, above all, LOVE THEM. they are a precious baby that deserves to be cherished and adored.

good luck :p 

sincerely, a bouncy baby girl

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