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New Daddy posting from Nashville, TN


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Greetings DDLG forum! I'm an aspiring daddy that stumbled across this group and felt that it'd be a good home for me. I've been lurking for a few weeks and just decided to take the plunge and actually join the community!


I first heard about this dynamic on Reddit on one the BDSM subreddit and immediately felt that the caregiver/daddy side of the dynamic is perfect for who I am - I've always been the shoulder to cry on and people's rock in the storm when needed. I've helped kids (not my own, cousins and nieces). All of this combined makes me feel like I'll be an excellent daddy to someone who wants to slip into their little space and be comfortable with someone.


I've spoken to a few littles on Reddit about what they look for in a daddy, but if anyone here has any guidance or lists of common mistakes aspiring daddies make I'm more than willing to listen. I realize each relationship carries it's own quirks so I know there are no hard and fast rules other than don't be a jerk, but any advice would still be appreciated.


I'll likely do a personals post once I've gotten used to the place, but if any Tennessee littles want to talk, I'm all ears :).


I look forward to contributing to this community.

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