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Hello. I am a new little but I have been an observer for quite a while. I broke up with my long time boyfriend a while ago. Tried dating vanilla college boys but I found that they don't really fit for me. I was looking at a lot of little posts on Tumblr to cheer me up when I found out about this forum, so I decided to join. I like being dressed up, and to have my hair played with, and to have big girls put my makeup on. I guess you could say I never really let go of my childhood.  I still have aaaalll the build-a-bears from over the years. I like to collect Ball-Jointed-Dolls and dress them up in pretty clothes. I really like to sew and wish I had the room to do so. I like to play lots of Video games. I really hope to make some friends to be little with!  :D  :heart:


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