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im a little new


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Ive posted a little but haven't posted and intro. So hi I'm kitty baby, or baby girl or brat or puddles. Kitty is just fine though. Ive known ddlg for two years, through kitten play and I've known i was a little for just about 2 years. im really only getting to enjoy it in my life now since i got a good daddy. 

about little me <3
I don't have a specific age its about 6-12 maybe. Im mostly a fairy princess girly girl, but depends on the day. I'm independent and bratty, i love punishment, but more so I love praise. I play innocent, get embarrassed and blush and hide, but I'm actually a dirty, naughty girl. but only for daddy.

no paci or nappies for me, though i sometimes suck on my thumb. I'm a huge stuffie and blankie girl.  I have a sippy cuz i spill a lot and its super cute but i could exists with out it.

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