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Awkward Turtle Greeting


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Um, so, hello, this is the first time I've ever done something like this...and I will probably, for the most part, be a lurker (not the creepy type though, I just like to read the things other people say).

I have always been a little, but only since the past year or so learned what a little was, and realized that what I am has a name.  My littleness has NOTHING sexual at all, and if my boyfriend tried to initiate something while I was in little space, I would either snap out of little space, or have a meltdown because of it...probably the meltdown though.

For a long time, I was scared to tell my boyfriend that I was a little, because he finds my binkies kind of odd, but we were talking the other day, and he is okay with me being a little, but the binkies is harder for him to get used to.  I think he could tell I was a little before I told him though, because I get very little when I'm sleepy, or see a kitty or a puppy (even though the kitty and puppy are usually only for a little bit, then I can get back to big space fairly quickly).  We're kind of switches, because he goes into little space sometimes, but usually, I'm the one who's in little space.

I'm not really sure exactly what to say now though!


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