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Nervous to say Hi


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I'm Charlotte or Char for short, I'm really nervous to actually have made an account on this site. I've wanted to for a long time but I never did cause I was worried someone would find out. 


I use she/her pronouns. I think I'm bi but I'm not really sure, but for a caregiver really only picture a male (sorry if that's confusing). I work full time, I go to college full time, and I'm in my mid 20's. Little space for me is strictly nonsexual.


I've been a little for a while now, oh god over a year now I think..maybe 2 years? I'm not really sure when it first started because I didn't know that other people were the way I was too! It got me excited.


I'm really only looking for other little/middle friends, not a caregiver right now even though I sorta crave one. I think I need some time to figure out how to interact with other people in little space. I've never done it before but I'm excited to try..


ahh please be nice! I'm nervous

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Hi Char! Nice to meet you :3


I think you'll like the community here. I was nervous about making an account on here, too, but I found some good friends, some good advice, and a strong sense of community, so I don't regret it! It always feels nice to "come out of the toy box" to someone, even if it's just in a forum post.


Don't be afraid to add people as a friend and talk to them! ♥

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