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whoopsie silly baby didn't introduce

Literate Little

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hi everyone!! I'm a new little and i forgot to introduce myself whoops :o

y'all can call me evie. i recently got out of a relationship in which my bf kinkshamed me (like really hard) and now i am recouping in a relationship with a daddy c: i hope things go okay with my daddy.

i'm a secondary english education major preparing to move out. i suffer from gad (general anxiety, professional dx) and I suspect bpd, but obviously this is self dx so i don't pretend like it's official.

on a happier, more little note, i love literature (obv), flowers of all kinds, cats, soft sweaters, pink things, porcelain figures, dolls, writing, drawing, baking, thinking, cold weather, coffee, and obviously my daddy.

I'd love to make some little friends! <3

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