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Hello from Germany

Guest Dominik

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Guest Dominik

Hello everyone,

so I also want to introduce myself. I am here just because I am interested in knowing more about CG/L. I learned to know someone who is a little, but when she told me the first time about DDLG I was like... huh?


Since them I was reading a lot at the net and saw many clips at youtube about it, so I got at least a few information until now.


At least now I know why another friend of mine has so many stuff animals in her bed and why she is clothing and talking in a younger way. :-D


I am just interested in learning how CGs and Littles think and what is important, that is why I am here. I want to understand better, also because I want to understand my 2 friends better.


I think that I am somehow a CG, but I am not yet sure. I need a bit time to know :-)


Bye for now


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