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    New little looking for daddy to give him all her love

    Sub little new newbie submissive single

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    #1 Mafi



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    Posted 20 June 2017 - 03:41 PM

    * Name: Mafi
    * Biological Age: 19
    * Little age: 3 to 6
    * Height: 5'4
    * Weight: 143 lb
    * Location: Mexico's City
    * Occupation: Student
    * Current Marital or Relationship Status: Single
    * Sensual orientation: Pansexual
    * Role: Submissive little girl/ pet
    * Years experience: BDSM 4, dd/lg 1
    * Looking for: daddy/mommy Dom

    * Are you open to long distance relationships or only local? 

    I prefer local however I don't mind long distance

    * Describe your perfect match and some great qualities that they would have: 

    Honestly speaking, I believe in people and having an idea of what you want can prevent you from getting to know awesome people so I'm open to everything. But if I have to, responsible, caring, gentleman like, patient, protective, possessive, kind and with a big heart. Basically I'm looking for a life partner to love and that can be my best friend at the same time.
    PS: Very kinky

    * Are you into sensual or nonsexual Caregiver/little play? 

    I enjoy both equally.

    * Do you prefer polyamorous or monogamous relationships? 

    Monogamous pleaaase. I give myself completely to the person I'm with.

    * What are you looking for in a Caregiver Dom? 

    Just someone who is truly interested in me and that I get along with in every situation. Someone that likes to take care of people and that has a kind heart.
    The combination of a partner and a friend.

    * What do you think you have to offer to a Caregiver?
I'm a strange person so you would never be bored, I have a lot of love to give, I love making sure other people are fine and taking care of them, I would do anything in my power to make you happy. Besides the dd/lg thing I can be very intelectual and be mentally challenging. We can Skype very often and if you would like to visit I'll bake delicious treats and cook for you. ( I honestly don't know how to do this without feeling arrogant, I don't like it).
    Ps: I'm fairly new so I can be whatever you want be to be.

    * If into sensual scenes, what are some kinks you enjoy? 

    That is something for you to find out ;)

    * If into sensual scenes, what are some kinks you do not enjoy? 

    Diapers, put I'm open to everything

    * What are your hard limits when it comes to play?
    I haven't met them yet.

    * Describe one of your favorite sensual or nonsexual fantasies: 

    1. I've always wanted to be choked, and generally I like rough sex that has a sweet aftercare in which we can both be in safe space. 2. I want a happy family in the future, I don't know if that counts.

    * What do you think makes a Caregiver Dom different than a regular or general Dominant? 

    More loving, the connection with their subs is deeper plus the dominant part doesn't end at home.

    * What are 5 nonsexual things you enjoy? 


    Singing and dancing


    * What are 3 movies you enjoy? 

    Anything Ghibli 

    Horror movies/ Disney 

    Anime is my thing 

    * What are 3 of your favorite foods? 

    Pizza (best food ever) Strawberry

    Mac' n cheese

    * What are some other things you would like to tell a potentially interested partner about yourself? 

    Congratulations, you got to the bottom.
 Umm, this one its a little bit hard, but one thing I do believe you need to know is that I haven't found one single daddy/mommy that is true, and actually wants a relationship, I have been hurt in the past, but I don't loose hope that one day I'm gonna find the right daddy/mommy. Although, I do have experience in BDSM I never had a real daddy/ mommy so it would be new and I hope you don't mind teaching me, I love learning and I do it fairly quick.
    Other thing I would like you to know is that even thought daddy/mommy is supposed to take care of me, I do like taking care of my daddy and to make sure he is always happy, I'm here to help you and go through anything with you if you are worth the effort. If you think we can match feel free to message me.
    I hope you have an amazing day 🌻
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    #2 Nivekzero



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    Posted 20 June 2017 - 06:57 PM

    Hello there, my name is Kevin. I see you're looking for a daddy and maybe I can help you out. I've been a Daddy for about 2 years so I am still learning myself. I live in Texas and I'm a pretty big anime fan. Hmm.. talking about my is kinda hard hehe. I like music and drawing. If you would like to know more feel free to kik me. Hope to hear from you soon :)
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    #3 FireEmblemNerd



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    Posted 23 June 2017 - 12:30 PM

    Hiya Mafi! My name is David! I'm 18 (Just graduated High School!!!), 6'3" tall, and I always stick around the 200 lb mark (I'm somewhat active, I'd say I'm average, but I am pretty strong if you're looking for a strong daddy). I live in Connecticut, USA so for now a LDR would be great. I am a very protective and caring man, I also have a big heart. I have helped autistic children (I LOVE kids) and I'm basically best friends with all of them. I can be very kinky whenever you want (You'll learn what my favorite kinks are if you accept me). I can be sensual and nonsexual. My experience with DDLG is about 2 years so I still have stuff to learn as well (but we can learn and teach eachother new things). I love video games, anime, and sports. I play a lot of adventure style games, I love watching Highschool romance animes, and my favorite sport... well... I watch anything really... xD (But I prefer American Football). I also love Horror and Disney movies (and if you ever want to hear me sing some Disney songs... just ask.. xD) I LOVE TO SING!!! I'm big into music and theatre so I believe that I will become a Theatre major in College (I want to become an actor). I also love art and draw frequently... (mainly anime characters... xD). Pizza, Mac'n'Cheese, and Shepard's Pie are my FAVORITE foods! I can cook so if you ever wanted me to I could cook something up! I'd love to learn more about BDSM so I hope you will reply back! I have sent a friend request so we can talk in pms... or you can add me on KIK : AdorableTayTay TTYL hopefully!!! :D

    #4 BastianAleman



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    Posted 18 March 2019 - 02:51 PM

    Hey there, after reading your post i can see we have common interests on many things, movies, anime, and what we are looking on a relationship.

    Im looking for a long term relationship, and im in mexico city also.

    Ive been a Daddy for 5 years now, and been looking for someone who really is committed to this and not only a lets try this new thing relationship.

    I take my role very serious, and i can see you do the same thing, also im not looking for a poly relationship since i want to focus only in one person.

    I can be very strict but also take time to teach and learn new things from my little, sharing your things and my things is the best way to know each other and fully understand other person.

    So if you think we can have a nice talk hit me up!

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