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need a daddy dom


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Age: 18

Little age (If applicable): n/a

Name: Cay

Role: little/sub

Years Experience(If applicable):about 6 months

Location: missouri

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Looking for: daddy dom

KIK: swirrian

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Wrong place to do this.




A trend we've noticed lately is that people have been cross-posting personal ads in the introductions section, or simply using their introduction post as another way to advertise the fact that they are seeking a partner. in order to clear up any confusion, this post should make things really simple and easy to remember! 


The Introductions Section (the place we're in now!) is for introductions to the community. Share what you like to be called, how long you've been in this community, if you're new to the dynamic or been doing this a while, a few of your favorite things, preferred pronouns, or any other relative information to getting to know you! If you're in a relationship, or single, you can list it here, but this isn't a place to talk about the type of partner you want, or post personal information hoping someone will contact you to start a relationship! This is a place to get to know other community members and break into the community in a safe, non-threatening way.


The Personals Section (https://www.ddlgforu...um/6-personals/) is for seeking ad or personal ads that  follow the guidelines provided once you click "start new topic." This is the place where you can indicate what you're looking for in a partner, and all of the personal details that come along with it. Be aware that we will remove any external contact information you provide here, as there is a space for you to link your accounts on your profile once you friend someone, and we will not be responsible for your personal information floating around since our forums are public. You are more than welcome to bump your topic here as well as long as you follow the appropriate ways to do this. 


I hope this helps everyone out! 

(From X by MissJellybean)

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