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Hi, I'm Jazzy!

Guest Littleladylove

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Guest Littleladylove

My name is Jazzy, I am 25, and very new to the dynamic. I've always been a little I just didn't know it had a name and this is a thing people do!


Anywho a few things about me:


-I prefer my thumb to a paci(yuck)

My favorite color is green like emerald green

-I loveeee food and I am chubby and I am ok with it

-My favorite activities are hiking and pressing flowers and making art!

-I have a touch of social anxiety and can be pretty weird

-I take astrology pretty serial (I'm an Aries)

-I'm a very compliant little lady

-manners are super important to me and so are other peoples feelings

- despite the social anxiety I look forward to meeting and making friends on here


Feel free to add me and send me a message


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