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New to this life. Seeking advice.

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Guest VeggieDom

***Long read***


Hi, so my name is Trevor. I'm new to being a daddy, and in fact it sort happened organically. I didn't know what ddlg was or that it even existed until a few hours of research like two weeks ago. This daddy/caregiver/dominant role I play just came up after this girl I've been talking to asked me to act more dominant, more protective, etc. It just all fell into place from there. She doesn't even know about ddlg either. We both came into this with no knowledge. It seems so natural, and so fulfilling, and we both are loving it.


I am just seeking some advice here, because she's granted me a large amount of power, and I don't want to over step my boundaries and hurt her in any way.


She essentially wants me to dictate her life in almost every way. Make sure she's up for work everyday, her chores, her diet, her exercise regimen,vet any new friends. She also leans on me for a large portion of her emotional support. She said she wants to look at me as a protector and caregiver. She wants rewards and punishments, etc. We don't do any age play, not really anyways. She gets very "childish" at times, and I in turn sort of play a fatherly role.


So with this power I need to be careful. We're both new to this, and I don't want to go in blind and hurt her feelings in any way. I care about her immensely. So if anyone could give me some pointers.


This has all been online so far by the way. We did meet up once, but that was prior to our exploring this daddy/little side we came into.


Sorry if I'm not expressing myself well, but I'm very new to this in every way.


Thank you for your time.

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