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Baby Shea

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Hello, My middle name is Shea but that is what I would like to be known as. I am 20 years old, turning 21 in November. I am from Texas and live between two cities right now because of college. I am 5’2, curvy with some extra weight that I am trying to lose. I have pretty fair skin not really tanned at all.


I am usually quiet and shy, pretty much the definition of an introvert. But I can get quirky, sassy and sarcastic once I know someone. I am also one to hold my comments a lot of the time because of my anxiety and not wanting to say the wrong thing.


I am also babysitting this summer and go back to school in a little over a month so I would be busy once school starts.


I am not sure what I want in a Daddy but I do know that in the last two years I have gone through a lot and just do not want to feel alone anymore even though I have people by my side and family. I don’t want anything dirty, or sexual at the moment. I would just like someone that I can talk to, and get to know as well as bond with them. 


I love movies, shows, being outside when its winter, music, singing, reading. Recently I have gotten into Korean shows and music. Been kind of my grasp so that I don't lose it.


I would love to talk to anyone and get to know you!! Please please message me! I will wait and hope to hear from you!  ;)  :D  :rolleyes:

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