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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

Just here to introduce myself and maybe make some friends.


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So I just realized that I hardly had any info about what type of daddy I am so here it is. The type of daddy that I am is one who is usually more lenient than I should be to my little girls letting them get away with some stuff they shouldn't. Aside from that I can be really a really fun daddy what I mean by that is that I enjoy doing things that my princess like doing. For example I really enjoy some cartoons and watching them while cuddling is even better. I would also love sharing a plate of dino shaped chicken nuggets. that's all that I can think of right now so bye bye unless this is your first time reading this then by all means continue.


Hello everyone,

I wanted to take some time to say hello to all the other daddy's/mommies as well as the little girls and boys and to everyone else in between. I'd also like to give a little bit of info about myself and mores specifically why i decided to join this wonderful community. so with that out of the way let's get started.

So just to get this out of the way... I just recently ended things with my girlfriend of over a year. While I'd rather not talk about it I'll just say this the reason I ended it was due to it being so hard on the both of us living so far apart from each other. Because of my decision to do that I ended up losing a few of my friends.

But that's enough sad talk I joined here because I thought it was the perfect time to meet some new people and possibly make some new friends. While my previous relationship wasn't ddlg I have had a little bit of experience with it in the past (just under a years worth) of being a daddy. Although I'm not looking for a new relationship at the moment just some friends.

Just a bit more on my status as a daddy I've only ever had one princess and before then I had never tried ddlg but it felt right when I was able to be a daddy for her. I'm still a fairly new daddy as al of the interactions I've had have been online. I hope to learn lots more about being a good daddy.

With all that boring stuff gone I'll give you a bit more information about myself. I'm 19 years old turning 20 in 2 months my main hobby when I'm not working is playing video games. I have a PS4 which I play Skyrim, Dark Souls 3, Paladins and a bit of Ttianfall 2. I also have a WIIU which I use mostly for play Super Smash Bro's and the occasional Mario Kart track. Last but not least I have a 3DS I hardly use it anymore but it exists so it's worth mentioning. If anyone would like to play with me just send me your PlayStation ID or Nintendo Network ID.

If you couldn't tell from that previous paragraph I'm a massive nerd to spare you from an even bigger wall of text I'll just say that I love comics (although I haven't read any in a while) and anime. if you have any more questions don't be afraid to ask and one last thing before I end this I tend to be very antisocial and timid around new people but I'm trying to get over it and this is just one of the steps. And with that lady's and gentleman I am finished with this block of text

Hope you have a wonderful day

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