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Hello everyone.  I just wanted to take a few quick moments to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about me.


I am a 56yo male living in the Atlanta, Ga area and was recently asked if I would be someones Daddy and take care of her.  When I accepted I didn't realize that this was an actual lifestyle but soon found out more about the whole DD/lg thing from doing some research.


I have always had this deep inner craving to be a Daddy to my partner.  So it feels quite natural to me to be part of this community now.  I am continuing my research on the DD/lg lifestyle so I can be the best possible Daddy to my babygirl.  She considers herself a middle (16-17) so we are a bit different than a true little relationship yet share many of the same qualities.  I take my role as Daddy very seriously.  I am caring, loving, passionate, and gentle with my babygirl.


While I am not looking for any type of relationship, as I have my babygirl and she is my princess and my world, I am looking for more people that are already deeply involved in DD/lg to communicate with and learn more about the lifestyle from.  This includes both Daddies and littles out there.  So please feel free to send me a friend request as all requests will be accepted.


Thank you for your time in reading.  I hope to get to know you all very soon.



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