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Guest Bunnyfeet

http://pics.sc.chinaz.com/Files/pic/faces/4303/15.gif*WAVES HAI*http://pics.sc.chinaz.com/Files/pic/faces/4303/15.gif






My names Niko im 18 and male switch 


I have had a few dd/lg relationships so im not entirely new with ddlg.But to the community I am.I just got out of an extremely abusive relationship and think I am ready to put my self out there and explore a little more into dd/lg.Who knows maybe find some one  more mature and knows what they want.This time around 


Some of my favorite things I do on my free time im in a band I play guitar.I love rock and roll too.I also sing  but I have anxiety so I dont like to.I love to longboard,I have my dog long board with me some times.I  also love to draw.I have watched over 50 animes.I cosplay too.I like to go on long walks at night time  uhs horror movies also great I love video games and pokemon


i have 3 stuffies a shark and a bunny i really like bunnies and a gyarados thats 7 feet long


this is just a little about me thanks for reading 


0087e679caef91c64936bdb07c021f11.gifbunny's are the best0087e679caef91c64936bdb07c021f11.gif

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