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Hello, I am Bjorn.


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I'm from Alaska, and I'm new to DD/lg. I'm learning about all of this, I find a lot of it interesting. I'd love nothing more than to learn about the ranges of "little age", talk about what Daddies do in particular situations, and theory of what works and doesn't work.

I understand everyone is different, and that's actually why this is special.

My main interest comes from my own curiosity... I'm Married, My wife and I are interested in possibly asking a little to join us in a poly relationship. A sort of Daddy-Mommy/ Little girl triad. But this is all just theory for now. Research.... Looking before the leap, I suppose.

I like art, conversation, and I love music. I enjoy Nature walks, reading, writing, video games, Mechanical Engineering is an interest, as well as most physical science. I also like to explore new places and do new things.

I am a family oriented type of person. "Family" meaning those who are close to me, not necessarily blood relation. I've been poly for quite a few years. I've always been heart and mind first, intimacy later. From what I've read and those who I have spoken to being a DD would suite me well. So I'm hoping to learn as much as I can about it.

Thank you for reading.

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