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Newish little. 46 years old and broken hearted.


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Dear Everyone


After three failed long term relationships, producing three healthy grown up sons, spending four years in psychiatric hospitals because of the last 2 exes, I lost my kids home and business and ended up close to death because of the medication.  19 months on Im still suffering side effects but I have managed to get a flat now in NI but I spent 8 months living on the streets.


Last year I woke up realising I needed a Daddy, this was alien to me but I ran with it.  Two months ago,  I felt the need for a dummy and a cellular blanket.  I met someone who knew this about me and we had a one night thing and long conversations but I realise he too was also suffering mentally as a result of broken relationships and a small encounter with one psychiatric drug.  I had the craziest of dreams lately and woke up screaming Daddy,  I had to tell him but before this happened he kept saying he wanted to not continue anymore because he had a closeness issue with everyone and wished me happiness, but then he came back again but then two weeks ago the messages stopped.  I am so broken over him as we even talked about getting married. Im no longer in hospital since July 2016 but life is still very hard as Im still suffering major side effects from those EVIL EVIL drugs, please dont ever tell me to take them because they are sooooooooooo destructive and unnatural. 


My other issue is Im a psychic medium and I pick up all sorts of stuff that he's tried to commit suicide and is in hospital.  Its very hard separating fact from fiction.


Im highly sexed and this is also another issue.


My desire for affection is off the scale.


I cry every day, always did even before I landed in hospital.


Any advice or support would be gratefully appreciated.


Love to you



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