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I'm really bad at making friends and have never had a friend that was a little like me so preappologise if I say something wrong but hey there hi there and ho there! I hope we can become good friends. Im 27 my little space is something im still learning but I would say ranges between a lil and a middle. Me and my Daddy are adapting to accepting that we ARE in fact a ddlg couple(not that its a bad thing or anything,we are just knew NOTHING about it) and finding ways to incorporate it into our lives more and more. I have always been a little and a bit of the odd one out as it made me different from the rest and I could never place why till i discovered ddlg. I would love someone i can talk to and relate to without feeling bonkers outside of Daddy. I love monkeys, socks, gaming and crafts of just about any and all kinds! Feel free to drop me a message

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Yo that sounds just like me and my daddy, too! I had no idea what ddlg was, but when I did I was like "hey that's me??? "normal" relationships aren't like this???"


I hope you enjoy your time on the forums! If you'd like, drop me a friend request.


Don't worry about feeling "bonkers", as I think you'll fit in swell here ( •⌄• ू )✧

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