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From DL to Little Boy.


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Hello everyone,

 I just found this site while looking around the internet for little boy clothing. I recently asked my loving wife of seven years about a couple of adult onesies I was considering purchasing. She has known about my love of diapers since before we were married and been growing gradually more comfortable with it. (she has always been accepting). Also I am becoming more comfortable around her. Well she completely surprised me and not only supported the idea for me getting a little outfit actually made some suggestions. She recommended a toddler style pajama set since I could feasibly wear it around the house even when our kids (Ages 2 and due late 2017). Taking her suggestions to hear i have been looking around for a suitable set of little boy pajamas. 


She took it a step farther and did some looking for me, even purchasing me an adorable cloth pocket diaper of her own initiative. While i have been curious about little space for a long time, I can not say I have ever really entered it. That is until the other day. After all this occurred my wife had to go out for a couple of hours. My daughter was in bed already so I was left to my own devices. Nothing much happened during that time, but when I heard her car drive up I got so exited and bounded to the door and out to the car. I realized this is exactly how my daughter behaves when i come home from work and was my first real experience with little space.


I look forward to meeting all of you and making some new friends.




Also I love role playing games such as dungeons and dragons and would love to get a game probably play by post together consisting of Littles, ABDLs, Caregivers etc. Let me know if you are interested. 

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I'm so glad that your wife is supportive of you being a DL! That sounds so amazing how she even helped you choose some new jammies and even bought you some new diapers! It's rather impressive that you and your wife can be comfortable even with the kiddo (and future kiddo, congrats!) around.


Anywho, welcome to the forum! Everybody is pretty friendly around here and I'm sure you'll make loads of friends! I'm sure there are bunches of people who would love to play DnD if you post it in a separate forum and start a signup!

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