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 HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!


I'm sure a lot of posts have already been made about joining the forum and wanting to

get to know people but here I am doing the same! *sorry* (didn't know how else to do it)


I've discovered this dynamic purely out of sheer coincidence, at first I didnt know what it was

but after doing my research I've found that other people also engage in this dynamic too!

Its been over a year since I've discovered this and finally have made the decision to join the forum.

I used to read the discussions a lot before but I wasn't able to contribute in any way :(


The downside of this dyamic being a little is that it is supeeeeeeeeeeer difficult to find friends

who engage in the same dynamic and just in general talk about things  as it is soooooo personal and it

is almost impossible to tell who is a little or even be open to tell others that you are on yourself so this

ends up in wanting little friends but having no idea where to find them or wanting to share and talk

about things but not being able to tell anyone.


Soooo I just wanted to say hello to everyone here and introduce myself and I'm really reallly reaaaaally excited

to be part of the community   :)



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