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Babygirl (46) in a ldr. Daddy (41) is sick sometimes and we're learning to cope with that.


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Hi! You can call me M.

Daddy and I are mostly new to this dynamic. It is fun and sexy, but the best part is the level of care, respect, deepened love and intimacy it's creating for us. We live many time zones away from each other which is obviously a challenge. Daddy has ms so sometimes he's so sick that he has to sleep a lot and what little energy he has goes to his own care and trying to manage the basics of life. We're trying to come up with ways to bridge the gaps made by his illness so I can cope better while he's down for the count. We want a well structured foundation for our DD/bg relationship (as well as our relationship in general) so it, and we, can stand strong during the harder times. I guess everyone wants that for their relationships don't they?


I'd love hear from anyone coping with a chronic illness, people in ldr, and anyone that would just like to say hi!


Best wishes to all!

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