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A little introduction


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A greeting to all the littles and fellow daddies here.


A little introduction of myself, I am SirDaddy, but you can call me whatever you want. My dynamic with my little princess is both ddlg and d/s like maybe quite a few of you out there.


I came here to try and integrate myself deeper into the comunity, to find help or give assistance at times.


We're both still pretty new to this, but me and my little are learning every single day. I was the one who brought it up, because I've always felt that my baby girl was a closet little, just that she didn't want to open up to me because she thought I might be turned away by it.


My best characteristic, if I were to name one is that I am very understanding of others. Not just my partner, but I also try to put myself in the shoes of others. I guess that's why I am quite good at making people open up. So, if you have any trouble, don't hesitate to talk to me. I'll try to help out the community and fellow newbies as much as I can.


For any littles or daddies out there, I just have a single advice: Be sincere.

Simple, right? But it's of utmost importance. Be honest with what you want. Be accepting and understanding of your partner. If things aren't working out for you, you can talk it out and find a compromise. Treat your partner like your other half, even if you still have other partners, as long as you're with someone that moment, give them your full attention. Don't look for some other person's characteristic in them: they are who they are. In relationships such as ours, trust is the most important thing. Getting your partner to open up and show you their deepest, darkest selves is the job of all of us, not just the daddies---the same thing applies to you littles out there. In the end, all these are encapsulated in one word: sincerity.


Goodluck fellas, have a wonderful relationship!

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