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Daddy wants to go to university.... :(


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Daddy wants to go to university to become a teacher...as his wife with no license, who lives in the boonies, i will be at home most of the time alone. 


on top of university he works sleep shifts at a different place. so i wont see him everyday, and when he does come home he'll be studying and wont have time for me.

university will take 5 years... 



i needs hugs


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As a little, it's definitely hard getting news that you'll be getting less and less available time with your CG. It takes work, time, and getting use to, but of course, you'll always still miss them.

BUT, you should also be proud and supportive seeing as he's doing it for his future,goals, and no doubt, family. College means better pay and a steady income. It's a lot of work, but I'm sure he's doing it for all the right reasons.

The best way for you to continue to feel little in a situation like this, is to have him give you a routine and rules to work on everyday. Keeping a chart of your tasks and what you get done/don't will be a good way for him to see how you're doing and keep you in the right mindset.

Also, keep in mind that although he will be busier, that does not mean he shouldn't have some time to spare for you. If you ever feel like you're not getting a satisfy-able amount of attention, talk through it. Every relationship needs quality time. (but before doing so, don't forget to take all that he's doing into consideration of the time you have available! I understand littles can be impatient and needy, just do your best =p)

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 Well thanks. 



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