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Hi, I'm Dad!

Guest Hi I'm Dad

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Guest Sweetkittenbj



Can we tell you terrible little jokes that n return? Like:


Why do bikes have kick stands? Because they're too tired!




Where do lead based writing utensils go for vacation? Why, Pencil-vanis, of course!


And my favorite:


Everyone knows Ghandi was a very spiritual man, who made his own clothes. But did you know that no matter what the weather, he only wore a loin cloth and a shawl? That was it - no shoes either as he traveled around India. He also kept a very strict vegan diet, which unfortunately gave him terribly bad breath. When you combine all these facts, do you know what they made Ghandi?


A (get ready for it) a super-calloused-fragile-mystic-vexed-by-halitosis!


Welcome to the forum!



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