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TV Shows and Books

Guest taryn of arendelle

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Guest taryn of arendelle

What TV shows and books make you feel little or do you like to watch/read in little space?


I just discovered Ever After High and it is a new favorite of mine. I love that it's about fairytale characters' children and that it also has lessons to learn and stuff! It's super cute and I love the animation.


I also was watching Totally Spies last night and that was really nice. It reminds me of my childhood.


Other shows I watch are Pokemon, Adventure Time and Steven Universe (sometimes). I really like the Cartoon Network shows. Other cartoons I watch are more adult, in my opinion, like RWBY, A:TLA and Korra (which I am SO behind on), but the last two could definitely be considered kids shows too given they were on Nickelodeon. It's just hard for me to look past how adult some of the themes and such are. Especially Korra over A:TLA.


As for books, I don't have many. :( I could use some suggestions. I did buy this Frozen book that has two stories in it. One of them is called "Anna's Act of Love." Papa and I keep saying we're gonna read it but we haven't. He's also reading me Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Every week we do reading and he reads me a chapter of Alice. I like Alice in Wonderland a lot. I want to get an Alice tattoo of a bottle that says "drink me" in the sketchy style a lot of the books have, right behind my ear.

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"Ever After High" is a book series, too! & It's so much better than the tv series, but I watch that, too, on Netflix. :D

I also love watching MyLittlePony: Friendship is Magic, especially when I'm sick. I love Disney - everything Disney! & The Winx Club, when I can find it. :)

I don't read books much in little space. My books are mostly adultish.


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I love MLP and Carebears. Most Pixar movies also make me feel little. They added a ton of old Cartoon Network shows on Hulu (i think), including Foster's, so I'm excited to watch those. I really like any of those "If you give a _____ a _____" books, they always make me feel little. The thought of reading The Stinky Cheese Man book again also makes me feel little, though I've yet to read it again and test this out.


 I could use some suggestions.

I want to get an Alice tattoo of a bottle that says "drink me" in the sketchy style a lot of the books have, right behind my ear.

You could always get one of those big Fairy tale compilation books. The ones with the gold edges are really pretty too! 

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Guest taryn of arendelle

@Kit: I knew there was books. I actually heard about them from a littles book club on fetlife. If they're even better than the show then I definitely have to get them!


@Princess: I think I have some of that on my iPad. Something similar anyway. No pretty gold pages, though. :(

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I love MLP! But I was a "Brony" before I found out about DDlg. And I watch lots of Disney when I'm with Daddy. But mostly I just play games on my laptop and color.

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Also, for bedtime stories Daddy makes up stories about us Princess Beautiful and Prince Sir Braveknight x3 It's silly but adorable

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Guest LavanderRabbit

I tend to love cartoons. Some that make me feel little include: Ever after high, Monster High, Ruby Gloom, MLP, Bee and Pupppycat, Steven Universe, Adventure time, Micky mouse, Loony Toons, Tom and Jerry, Older Cartoon Network shows, Pokemon, Scooby Doo, Disney movies, Winnie the Pooh, Octonauts (Recently discovered after I baby sat. I adore it since I love sea creatures), Lalaloopsy, Edgar and Ellen, DC and Marvel stuff (Since we are both a little nerdy) and Jewelpets. I also love Shojo anime and Magical Girl stuff too. Daddy tends to write stories for me when I'm feeling sad or if I have a nightmare. Since he is far away we Role-Play online too and that is like writing a story together. I've been needing to look for some places to find stories he can read to me over the phone, but we have both been super busy lately. I do have books I want him to read to me, but sadly it's not possible right now :c

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To be honest my little likes to be spooked and maybe I'm one of the odd ones but, I like watching spooky shows and movies. I think the only cartoons I watch in littles space are movies, as for books I love love love disney books, as a kid I used to collect them and lost them over time but I love being read to and reading while looking at the pictures too, makes me all happy.

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Oooh I forgot about VeggieTales! I love that show. I'm going to have to go find my DVDs now. :D hehe I love the Silly Songs!

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My favorite tv shows are Spongebob, Kim Possible (which I just recently found out Disney has all the episodes in their website), Once Upon A Time, the Aladdin, Little Mermaid, and Hercules TV shows, House of Mouse, Fairly Odd Parents, Scardey Squrriel, Scooby Doo and Winx Club. I only like the original versions of the last two. The reboots made me cry when I watched them.


My favorite books are any of the books Disney puts out, Peter Pan, any Hans Christian Anderson Fairytales, the Scaredy Squirrel books, Harry Potter, any Grimm fairytales, Aseop's fables, the Marcel the shell books, and the Kingdom Keepers series.

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I love to watch cartoons when I'm little ^^

I love My Little Pony! (and Daddy likes it too  ;) )

Some other cartoons I like to watch :Sofia the first, Animaniacs, Rugrats, Ever After High, Powerpuff Girls


In little space, I don't really often read alone. But Daddy reads me a story to help me fall asleep almost everynight when I'm little.

I like Fairy Tales and  stories with mermaids, princesses, or cats. I also like the 'Little Princess' books by Tony Ross (and I like the cartoon too).

Daddy and I often go to the kid section of the library to get new books.

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Guest ADudeHasNoName

See, it's tough, because very often, I see Littles tend to gravitate towards shows that don't have as many "adult" themes. Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall and Adventure Time tend to not be as popular as MLP, Pokemon, and Dora the Explorer. Those shows tend to be a little more one dimensional; not as bold as Steven Universe in their portrayal of relationships. It's a shame; you can't argue tastes, but I'd prefer more modern animations because they don't seem to insult children's intelligence. What others see as "grown up" themes, I see as a chance to start a discussion with children without forcing messages down their throat. Steven Universe especially, I consider more "bold", not more "adult".


Legend of Kora though, kinda dark, deffinately more of teen or pre teen show.

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You know I love my Disney... a little bit too much. 


Cartoon network has some good shows: Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Chowder are some good ones. 


Oh oh oh! Powerpuff girls and Dexter are some cute old shows I watch sometimes. 


I can't recommend any little books, because my book preference is geared towards adults. I'm really into the Sherlock holmes series though! Really easy bedtime stories to read since they are short. 


Hope this helped xxoo

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Guest thatlittlerebella

I watch a lot of My Little Pony (both Friendship is Magic and the older stuff), Gravity Falls, Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon (the original series), CardCaptors, Dexter's Laboratory,Rocko's Modern Life, Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Freakazoid!, Kim Possible, A Pup Named Scooby Doo, Are You Afraid of The Dark, Tales From the Crypt, The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy,Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Cow and Chicken, Codename: Kids Next Door, Sheep in the Big City and so many other TV shows.


I like most Disney movies and most of the old Disney Channel Original Movies. Other movies I like are both Equestria Girls movies, many of the older My Little Pony movies, Freaky Friday (the Lindsay Lohan version), The Princess Diaries series, A Series of Unfortunate Events and all the Harry Potter movies.


Book wise I really love Shel Silverstein and Eric Carle books. A Series of Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter are two of my favorite book series. Fairy tale wise, I really like the Grimm versions. 

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I am super into My Little Pony as a Little and in general. I honestly cannot get enough of it. Season 5 has finally started!!! Other things I like to watch... Um.. Carebears, the Powerpuff Girls, Pokemon, Winnie The Pooh, Kim Possible, Sonic the Hedgehog (all variations apart from Sonic Underground), Johnson and Friends, Bump The Elephant, Babar, Pingu, Hello Kitty, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Dexters Lab, As Told By Ginger... Theres loads more but I cant think XD

Movies, anything Disney!!! As well as Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks, The BFG, Matilda, Coraline, Carebears (Carebears In Wonderland is probably my fave), Cats Dont Dance... Again theres more but I cant think XD


Books, most things by Roald Dahl, the Grimm fairy tales, Hans Christian Anderson and A.A. Milne cause I love Winnie The Pooh.

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What TV shows and books make you feel little or do you like to watch/read in little space?


t.v. shows I would have to say sid the science kid. And courage the cowardly dog, the dinasaur train, cyberspace, hey arthur, marther the talking dog,

Books, haven't had many...i need to find some. But one of my favorites is slyvester and the magic pebble.

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Guest TokidokiHelloKitty

Books: Literally EVERYTHING Dr. Suess has done


Pokemon books

Gravity Falls books

Stuff by Roald Dahl

Stuff by Beverly Cleary

Bearenstain Bears

Everything Eric Carle has literally done

Everything Richard Scary has done

If you give a mouse a cookie (and everything related)

Frog and Toad


Captain Underpants and the related series

Harry Potter (older type of little)

Artemis Fowl (older type of little)


Sesame Street Books (especially a monster at the end of this book)

Barbie books (very busy barbie)

Books from "Minnie N Me ,and Minnie n Me the best friends collection"

THe baby sitters club

American girl books


The boxcar children

Magic tree house books

Pony pals books

Sweet Valley High (older type of little)

Barney books

Lamb chop books

Peter rabbit

Guess How Much I love you

max and ruby

Goodnight moon

rainbow fish

magic schoolbus books

Ananzi stories

coyote stories for children by susan straus

my great aunt arizona

blues clues books

paw patrol books


the rat and the tiger

what's a ghost going to do?

arthur books

books by mercer mayer

wishbone books

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Guest TokidokiHelloKitty

and Pippi longstocking

wizard of oz



stay away from simon

chicken in mittens

that furball puppy and me


the little red hen

a hat for minerva louise

the hundred dresses by elenor estes

apples and pumpkins by lizzy rockwell

chicka chicka boom boom

the poky little puppy

the velveteen rabbit

dont let the pigeon drive the bus


And idk the name, but there was about a girl who painted really well, and in art class, she drew an apple and it looks so real in the book. And the was the best artist in class, and some jealous girl was all "it's just a fruit".  Idk the book, if someone knows please tell me

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Guest InsideAna
I like Criminal Minds. Penelope is totally a Little, and even though Morgan calls her babygirl I think Hotch is the real Daddy on that show. There’s also an anime called For My Daughter I’d Defeat a Demon Lord, dramatic title, but the show totally melts me in my littlespot. I also like Lucifer, even though Chloe isn’t a little I can see Tom Ellis playing the perfect Daddy character. For books my favorite is A Little Princess, Grimm’s fairytales, and Dr. Seuss.
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