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North Eastern (UK) Daddy


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Hey guys heres a wee introduction although Id much prefer to explain in person/via message so if i miss anything or your just curious please drop me a message I swear Im lovely ^^


Ok Im 6 foot have brown hair and eyes; Tattooed with a Skinny frame and should probably wear glasses. 


Ok theres some random physical facts about me now down to what makes me me I guess. I absolutely Adore reading. No thats not a strong enough word. I worship Literature. Hmm probably right but you get the idea :p 


Writing too goes hand in hand with the Literature side of things. However despite positive reviews by others my works never pass my stringent standards test so I bury it or destroy it. 


I also cook, go on adventures, have full on conversations with animals, and fully support the oxford comma.


Yeah. Check out that geek above ladies :p Nah your still here and want to know anything message :D

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