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Too many spaces?


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Do I have too many spaces? I actually have 5 in total and I can't help but feel a bit excessive! Every account i've ever seen has at most 3 so is it wrong to have so many? My spaces include:








Every one is completely unique and I feel like I can't make them hybrids. Opinions?

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Nothing is wrong if it is who you are. Just because you feel like you're not like everyone else, it doesn't matter. You are you and you can have 100 spaces but that doesn't make you wrong or invalid or excessive. It makes you, You! Because you feel like these spaces are very distinct on their own, you shouldn't feel the need to try to force them together. Instead you should allow yourself the freedom to explore them one by one and to their full extent.


Never be afraid to be you! And don't feel pressured to change just because people are different than you! :heart:

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I don't think you have too many spaces at all! Everyone is different and made of different things! 


I mean you could maybe combine all your animal spaces and call them a generic "pet space" but I like how you have them separate so it's easy to know where you're at at the moment. 


BTW....what's it like being batty? I've never met another with bat space before!


I a foxy too!!

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Those aren't too many, honestly I don't think there's such a thing as "too many". My partner has I'd say around 6 or 7 (I might be missing one or two). There's nothing wrong with that.


Maybe the reason you've only been seeing around three is because some people don't feel like sharing everything, and maybe some of those spaces are only for them or only for them and their partner.

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Guest daddy's_little_shadow

There's no such thing as to many spaces. You do you! ^_^

I love all of your spaces! They sound really cute, especially the bat one! :3

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Nope, no such thing. My gf is a little/sub/kitten/slave/brat


She's always a second away from a switch, and admits she can't help or control it. 

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Guest ParanoidAsylum
I don't see anything wrong with that. I have quite a few myself spanning many aspects of my life. I'm not entirely sure how to list them though
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I think you're fine!  I have several too.

I'm little (5-7ish)

A mommy

A mistress

And sometimes I fluctuate between being little and "normal" so quickly that I don't know if I'm in little space or not.

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Well, i have


2 age ranges that are little,


"Cute little animal" mode - as in i kind of have dog and cat and wild animal impulses but can't nail down what i "am" when i feel animal-like!


And slave mode :)


Sometimes i feel both little and animal-like at the same time! Sort of confusing but still really fun.

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Have all the spaces you need/ want! I don't really have any, but at the same time I have at least 3. I never really officially 'go into' any particular one, but my friends have definitely noticed that I have 3, possibly 4 different 'modes'. We kinda have names for each one except the last, mostly because most of us met through writing/ RP so it's easier to refer to them by the names of the characters or online personas most similar to them - 


Mommy (Eomma Min, because I tend to become very motherly around my fellow kpoppers, since they're mostly younger than me)

Brat (Birdy, because I based a character on that side of me, called Robin)

Little (Min Ah, because it's the one that's most 'me', and therefore I use my Korean name for it)

Kitten (doesn't have a name, which kinda makes me sad because that's the one I can differentiate the most)

Sub (no name either, but never saw a need for it)


Who knows, maybe there are others, but those are the ones I really recognise now that I know that you actually can recognise them (I didn't even know 'spaces' were a thing until a little over a month ago, so I'm still learning). As far as I'm concerned, it's liberating being able to put a name to all the different sides of me, so if you need more space names, you go for it!

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