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My Introduction- Hey there! forgive the length


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Hey everyone! I'm GodsKaos.


32/m DD I haven't been in the L/S long (about 3-4 months) but from what I've come to understand and have been told, I naturally fit the DD role. It's something I did in past vanilla relationships without knowing it. 


I like to be called Daddy (obviously), Papi, or Papa (the last 2 are more DDlg. I like Sir and Master too) 


I was in a new vanilla relationship that was hitting rough spots early. My g/f at the time, suggested D/s (specifically DDlg) as a way to help our relationship. Things got better and really intense for a while, but the kink wasn't enough to save the relationship. I think it was a tool for her to get stuff she wanted. She wasn't familiar with l/s either, just read 50 Shades multiple times and saw herself as a domme in past vanilla relationships (I only found out they were vanilla later), and she was bisexual. Once again, nothing I would say, made her familiar.  Things ended. 


I've now found myself with a experienced little/sub/slave/pet. She's gorgeous and amazing, and has been the only one to put butterflies in my stomach since high school. So, she's pretty friggin' special.  Being new to the l/s I heard finding an experienced sub was a potentially beneficial arrangement for a new DD. She'll have been invloved in the l/s for 6-7 years. She's 21, so I'd say she's experienced (age has never bothered me, I actually usually go older, I definitely won't now). 


I want her to be the one, so...


I'm looking for help to be the best DD I can be. While I take to the nurturing, caring, and loving aspects easily, I find difficulty with discipline. I rationalize and justify a lot, even when I know it's wrong. I don't believe in punishing unless absolutely necessary. I'm learning that the discipline here is expected and better received earlier and closer to the infraction rather than being infinitely patient and understanding. I also accept my kitten is a bratty little/sub/slave/pet. We recently got into what I thought was an argument, but was her testing me. What I thought was defiance and disrespectful giggles, were actually her attempts to keep her composure as she was turned on by seeing a way more aggressive dominant side of me she wasn't even sure existed. 


I love aftercare and doting on my babygirl. Nothing makes me happier than seeing her smile, knowing she's happy and I'm the one responsible (except making her princess parts happy too). I think the loving gentle strength qualities I have make me naturally DD, which is why I've been hearing "you'd make a great father" since junior high school and was invited to give a woman a baby. I don't want to lose those awesome parts of myself. I want to learn how to better and more effectively show my dominance. 


Note: We're in a LDR (we'll be meeting in a month) and I do believe a lot of my disciplinary style is in person (lots of whispering, silence, and nonverbal communication). Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty awesome in relationships but they ultimately fail for the wrong reason. As my kitten (she's so smart) put it, I'm too nice. So I'm trying to learn to be nice, but less nice, maybe even a little mean at the same time... I want to be as perfect as I can be for her

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