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Guest Evil Uncle

Evening all,


or, if you happen to read this in the morning:


Morning all!


It has been a few years since I first learnt about DD, ageplay and all the terms associated with it. This is how it went:


The First One started talking to me in a little girl's voice while in subspace after a heavy BDSM-session, describing everything that had happened to her. Just for fun, I bought a baby bottle and fed her lemonade during those occasions and watched in amazement as she seemed to sink deeper and deeper into her state of... what was it?


The Second One had hidden feelings about ageplay. We talked about it a lot but nothing ever came of it... until we accidentally came across a bright pink children's dress (in her size, she was quite petite) in a local store. She turned away and I could see tears in her eyes.


That day, we did the works: Knee high stockings, braids, Mary Janes, THE dress and of course suitable white panties, which were soaking wet within minutes. Alas, after a few months she gave up and travelled to another world.


The Third One was the ultimate: After accepting her weird preferences - well, weird in her eyes - she sat in my lap in her miniskirt, gazing at me, eyes wide open and wondering why my hand was moving up her thighs all the time. She enjoyed it though and spread her legs even further...


Then... disaster struck. A mental breakdown, a realisation that she had only confessed these weird fantasies to me in order to please me - or any other man - to keep a hold on to the real world somewhere outside... End of another story.



I am not here to find Number Four (I'd rather she would find me anyway) but to get a taste of the times that I thoroughly enjoyed my version of ageplay, to talk, chat or mail with people who are into the same (kind of) kink. And every now and then I might join a discussion at moments when I think it might be adding something more to it than a +1, a smiley or a simple hooray!








Evil Uncle

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