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Hello everyone :)

I'm new here and wanted to write something to let you know me. I'm Emily, 18 years old girl from Poland. I've been interested in ddlg for about 5 years now and recently met my Daddy on fetlife. So I'm taken... I think in love and happy, too. I've always looked for a caregiver in relationships with people, even in normal friendships with girls. I just need someone to help me with making decisions, make some for me and basically everything a parent has to do. I've got that childish side of me that isn't a sign of immaturity. It's a little girl's soul that I couldn't be when I should. I never had a real childhood, I was always the one to take care of my parents and myself. I think that is why I look for ddlg relationship, to fulfill that empty space in growing up which now cannot be fulfilled to some level so I wouldn't need it anymore at some point. You can say I was adult since I was born and now I'm growing to be a baby for the rest of my life.

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