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peachy and new

Guest peachesnlace

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Guest peachesnlace

i'm new to this site, but i've been interested in this community for a little while.

i am really into art, mainly photography. i shoot and develop my own stuff that i might eventually post on here.

i listen to a lot of alternative music; Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, and Vampire Weekend are my favorites.

i watch lots of documentaries on netflix and my favorite show is shameless. i have three favorite movies that i could watch on a loop forever: Finding Nemo, The Shining, and Good Will Hunting. they are all quite different, i know.

i like the outdoors but i have a very fair complexion so i have to wear like, 100SPF so i don't turn into a tomato. i much prefer the woods over the beach any day. i like traveling and meeting new people.

i consider myself an extrovert but i also like being alone and recharging after being around a lot of people. i used to have really bad anxiety but i have learned how to cope more and i don't have nearly as many panic attacks as i used to. but i tend to bottle up my emotions and put myself aside for the sake of others. i have always been a people pleaser and i feel like it's my responsibility to make sure everyone is happy.

anyways, i would love to make some new friends here and i hope you don't mind my rambling.

much love xx


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Guest peachesnlace

Hey, peaches! Welcome! ^-^

I hope you have a good time interacting with others interested in cg/l stuff!!

thank you!!


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