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Experienced DD, new to the site, just looking for friendship and conversationIt seems to be a rule of this forum to make a formal introduction without

Guest Maccyx

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Guest Maccyx

It seems to be a rule of this forum to make a formal introduction without making it into a personal ad, which is rather fortunate for myself in that while I may be single, I'm not exactly on the hunt right now. This guy is more than content with his current status quo.


Hello :) I am a Daddy, a DD to be precise, but you all can call me just Cam. I have many years of experience in the lifestyle, but I'm on a bit of a hiatus from relationships at the moment for various reasons. I'm locked into a period of personal growth and assessment, and am really more inclined at the moment to make a real connection or two without worrying about titles and roles or anything of the sort. Conversation and potential friendship over anything else. I live about an hour outside of Philadelphia and am more of a country boy than a city dweller. I read voraciously and I write about a variety of topics in a couple of blogs that I maintain. I have a technical job by day working in a nuclear power plant. In my off time I enjoy working with my hands, playing poker (used to play professionally), kayaking, running, fishing, and go to the local MMA gym a few days a week to practice Muay Thai. I like to be active and remain active...


I appreciate people who are genuine, and I have a keen sense for those who are not. I appreciate people of intellect as well as people with most any and all artistic flairs. I love a good conversation. No one can possibly know everything that there is to know about everything and I love to pick people's brains and try to sponge off of them when the opportunity presents itself.


In short, I'm just here to dip my toes back into the community and perhaps make some new friends. Feel free to say hello, or if you want to get deep with a total stranger I'm good for that as well :) I don't judge

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