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Hi everyone!


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i'm vixey :)


i am happily married and my husband is my Daddy. W/we also have a M/s (Master/slave) BDSM dynamic.


i discovered my little side in 2007 when i was newly married and revelled in it. When i had children of my own a few years later, my newfound sense of responsibility and vanilla self-identity kind of pushed O/our DDlg dynamic to the back burner.

i have always yearned to bring it back and after a few heart-to-hearts with Daddy in late 2016, He and i are conciously bringing that dynamic back to a prominent place.


my little ranges from a sweet and rather immature 10-ish, to around 14 and rather precocious and bratty.

i can and do feel sexual in littlespace.


i love snuggling up to watch movies, take bubble baths, and hear stories. i sleep with a stuffed dog that Daddy bought me. i love pink, Alice in Wonderland, Kung Fu Panda, and Tangled the best.


i am here to chat with other littles!

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Guest Daddynuture

Hi Vixey,

It's really nice to know you've found that level of fulfilment in your life. It would appear most of the littles are based in the USA. I am hoping to be proved wrong, as I am seeking someone nearer to home, UK..

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