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New here, New little, Newly 18....


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Hey there whoever's reading, 


I go by Scotty online, if you couldn't guess it's because I'm Scottish ;)  

I'm an 18 year old girl (turned 18 last week) and I've been a closet little for a year n a half. I'm very inexperienced in dom/sub relationships and usually enter littlespace alone.. I haven't had the best experience with relationships in general. I was in a relationship at the age of 14 until I was 17 and the guys I dated afterwards were lowkey abusive. 

I'm a little bit nervous with posting here as it's my first attempt getting into the DDLG community. 

I love cartoons, doggies, drawing, painting my nails, building forts and sleeping :p  

These are my favourite things to do while in Little Space. 

My bad habits are biting my lip, leaving all the lights on, smoking weed, forgetting about dishes and forgetting to tidy my mess :blush:  

I'm a writer and am currently studying Journalism and Media at College. 

My favourite music is Indie, pop, 80's Goth and classic rock. 

My favourite music artists are The Neighbourhood,The 1975, The Cure, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, Melanie Martinez etcccc. 

I can be shy but in general am flirty and my humour is quite aggressive/offensive sometimes.


I hope to meet some people and make some friends here. 


      - Scotty  :heart:  ^_^ 


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Guest Mr.Stuffykins

Allo Scotty! Welcome(:!


Your whole introduction is really interesting. Kind of left me wanting more haha

But I'm happy to see you joined the forum. I know you'll make tons of friends because you just seem like a sweet and fun person.

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Guest WaterNymphh

You and me are pretty similar, heh. I'm a newb Little who also recently turned 18 with a weird relationship history. I hope we can get along ^^;

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