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Introducing myself, nice to meet you.


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Hi there. I'm just stopping by to say hello, as that's what you do on forums when you join.  I'm 33 and I'm a daddy.  I've been one for several years now, but only recently decided to seek others out online who have similar inclinations.  I've had one DDlg relationship that ended after a year and a half.  It was an amicable split, but I still care for my wayward little.  I wish I could still provide for her, but she grew up before my eyes haha and it was best for her to give her the independence I know she needed.  She is 10 years younger than I, that's how it goes sometimes.


So here I am, because I have a need to express these feelings to someone now that I'm single again haha.  I'm looking forward to talking with you, teaching and learning, and having a good time.



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