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The topic title is definitely quirky and really has nothing to do with anything haha  :p

Hiya! I'm Lily & I'm a little! I'm a sophomore in college. I attend full-time but do online classes as of the mo. I model part-time as a job, but I'm getting more uncomfortable with it so I'm stopping soon. I'm new to this site and would love to meet new people 777_revolving_hearts.png


I've never had a daddy/mommy but I would love to. I like watching cartoons, reading & love my paci, stuffies, coloring and cuddles!! I live on my own, with roommates and my small doggie but never really get to express myself at my house so I thought I would come here!! ^~^ I can get shy really easily, but I'll do my best with respondin' back to ya :)


Ooh, I also love dressing up and film photography!! I have lotsa undeveloped film that I should really develop soon... but my lazy butt hasn't. ^~^

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Guest Mittens

Wello and welcome to the forums! I hope we all can make you comfortable and help you with anything you need. Feel free to drop by the chat, there is tons of people to meet and talk to and have fun with ^^. I wish you the best

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