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New to the site and wanting to meet people


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Hello there. As I start this, I want to apologize for the lengthy post if it ends that way but i feel it is extremely important to be clear about needs, wants, and expectations...up front. Communication, honesty, and trust are key and extremely important in any relationship. In my opinion, those traits are even that much more important in a ddlg/bdsm relationship.




I am 47 but appear and act as though I am in my early 30's. Lots of luck and good genes, I suppose. I am a good looking professional who does well in my IT career as a leader at a large software vendor. I am polite and chivalrous and treat my little the way a princess deserves to be treated, always. I am funny, intelligent, honest and above all, faithful. I want mine to understand how much she means to me, always. I absolutely love clingy. I want to spend all of my time with my little. I live for her to be by my side. Playing, cuddling, talking. I have basic rules I fully expect to be followed. When rules are broken, a little will be punished accordingly. I am experienced in dom/sub relationships (5+yrs) that essentially all morphed into a ddlg relationship due to likes and preferences. I am strict yet extremely fair and punish simply to make a little better and to help guide her. i spoil my little every chance i can. I live for it. it makes me feel good to know she understands how important she is to me. I claim no experience in the ddlg world simply because in all honesty, regardless of what i was doing in my relationships, they were just natural progressions. it's funny though, I have only recently discovered that ddlg was a "thing." though i had been participating in it to the letter for years! Like every single bit of it! I want nothing more to care for and protect you and nothing would make me happier than my little wanting, craving, loving, being consumed with the thought of earning my approval and being called MY good little girl. The excitement I will feel hearing her gasp when she earns those three little words. Such a beautiful thing.

Excited and very grateful I found this site so I can meet like minded individuals.

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Hiya! I'm a newbie Little with very little experience in ddlg, who wants to learn more and potentially find a good Daddy for me, and i would love to talk to you if it's possible!



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Guest lenaLittle

Heyy! You sound really nice :) I'm really new to this stuff, kinda only realising that it's okay to like cuddles and bedtime stories and... Cuddles. I'm an 18 year old girl, and I would really like to talk to you, if that's alright? Just to see what happens. I'm uh, quite shy, but apparently I come outta my shell. Not that I have one, cause I'm not a snail.


Okay, that was a bad joke. But please get back to me, if you're interested. You sound super nice and kind!l

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