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hello amazing peoples! Morpheus has arrived *entrance music start*

Coffee mug

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◈ Morpheus ◈

hello! i am the grand morpheus! i am a little (male or lightning sprite ) (or the conquererrrr!! of worlds!!!) im kinda new to the cg/l relationships and i hope to learn much more from being on this forum+chat, im a great socialist when its brought outta me but in time of need an other people start talking, y'all probably notice i quieten up an may leave to do some forums or something :p


i enjoy sleeping, like a lot, coffee is a added bonus to my stamina rate x2,, im a fantastical builder an soon to be a career. i love dogs an bearded dragons,  i like card games an board games an all other kinds ofgames that consist of horror and/or anime, i dont know if i added more than needed to know basis for the intro, but who cares!! its a beautiful piece of poem <3



im so happy to meet anyone in the glorious place we call the internet, gonna poke chu all with meh mind mhuahaha



Postitive = coffee

Negetive   = broccoli

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