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I'm a newbie here please take care of me well!


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Hello Hello, 




So this is my first time posting a topic on any forums éhéhéh ( this is awkward) 
My Name is Sam and I am a little kitten, I've been in this community since 2 years at least!


I'm here to make friends with other littles! ( back off creeps ima bite ya) 


​About me

I am 18 

I speak French, English, Italian, the basics of Korean and

I can ask for a potato salad in German. 

I love drawing, listening to music,watching movies, playing video games

and honestly the list goes on. I also love learning things ( culture, languages,...). 

I'm a single pringle but I'm living it alright... ( JOKES ON ME) 


And I think that's all...

I'm super duper awkward at first ( I'm sorry about that but yep I need time you know) 



SO YEP! see ya I guess


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