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Hello from NYC!


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I'm a 40-something poly caregiver from NYC. I've always been inclined toward taking care of my partners, but until I met my kitten, I had never intersected with the DD/lg community or had any inkling that a Daddy was tucked away inside me waiting for the right little girl to come along and uncover him. To say that it has been a transformative experience is an understatement. I count myself lucky every day that I found my kitten and that she saw me for who I am.


I'm a software engineer by day. I love horror fiction and films and greatly enjoy sci-fi and fantasy as well. Not to mention a new-found appreciation for cartoons and animé. I enjoy listening to a range of music. Admittedly the bulk is heavily influenced by what I listened to as a teenager and into my 20s, but I enjoy being introduced to new artists. I'm also acutely interested in science and politics.


I'm looking forward to engaging here to get to know more about myself, others, and in particular the community. I'm a strong believer that we should never stop learning, so I hope to continue that here.

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