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Hello!!! <3

Guest PastelMonkey

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Guest PastelMonkey

Hello everyone!!! <3 


I'm a 23 year old little from somewhere around Europe, recently moved across the world for a new job opportunity! 


Because of the distance, I've had to break things off with my old Daddy, so now I'm just taking the time to figure out what I like and be a single little for a while, so I thought joining this site would be the best way to make some new friends :) 


In my grown up time I enjoy everything creative: I'm a writer, photographer and artist (but that's boring and I'm not here to talk about grown up topics  :blush:


My little age goes from 3-4, even though I still use a paci. Here's a little list of my favourite things:

animal shaped pasta, fuzzy socks, onesies, my little unicorn plush, dungarees, Jelly shoes, peppa pig, arts&crafts especially jewellery making, big jumpers and baggy clothes, baths & bath bombs, polly pocket, GLITTER  :rolleyes: , tiny little containers, a warm bottle of milk at night (soy milk though because I'm veggie <3), cute water bottles & sippy cups, blanket capes, pretty lunch boxes, pretty pens and sharpies :D My favourite thing to watch while in little space is Bubble Guppies!!! 


I'd love to meet new people, so feel free to add me and say hello - the only thing I bite is probably Grahams Vanilla Cupcake goldfish  :p


Hope you're all having a lovely day wherever in the word you may be <3  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:




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Guest Mr.Stuffykins

Welcome to the forum !


Let me just start off by saying:

Your profile pic is so adorable haha


Any who

You sound like a really fun person so i know you wont have trouble making friends - besides, everyone here is pretty nice!


I'm really looking forward to seeing you around the forum.


Auf Wiedersehen !

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Hey there, I too am new to the forum, just found out about this way of life to be honest. Ive no idea where to start. I thourougly enjoyed your intoduction, i too have the same grown up interests as you, and would love nothing more to see that you have all of the things listed of your joys if were ever possible, hope youre snug in warm where ever you may be in the world. Also if youve any at all information to share with a newbie I would greatly love the conversation.
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