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🥳 🎉 🎅 🎄 🤶

super excited


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im baby Pixle/moly

umm im so excited to be in here =]

i have been alone at this most of the time cus im an arab and its like 0.11% arab in ddlg ((real)) (daddys/littles)


i tried doing twitter to get to know ppl but still .. umm im working on it ..

x) i cant wait to know friends from here ..


and im kinda socially awkward and kinda wierd and shy to start first with ppl :""]

but still i hope i can make friends

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Guest Mr.Stuffykins

Hello Pixle welcome to the forum

We're glad to have you here!^^


Even if you're a little shy thats perfectly okay (: you'll get used to the people here and soon enough, bam!, you'll have tons of friends - I'm sure of it!

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Guest Mittens

Hello and welcome to the community. I am glad to see it is gaining diversity in the world, because honestly we need more daddies and littles!

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